Pizazzi Designs offers Interior Design and Construction services, with our specialty being “finishing touches”. What do we mean by that? Our niche is all the building and design elements that come AFTER the space is created by the Architect, ( i.e. we are not the engineer/architect we are the designer/builder). We assist with Space Planning, Interior Design, Remodeling and Customizing your space. Whether designing residential or commercial spaces we assist with Paint, Hard Finishes, Furniture, Home Décor,  Accessories, Custom window coverings of all kinds, Rugs, Upholstery, Florals, and more.  With decor, we have built a reputation on transitional design – assisting clients with redoing/refreshing the furnishings they already own and adding Window Treatments and updated paint, furnishings/accessories to tie it all together.

As part of our services, we can assist with construction management to run build/renovation jobs – to oversee construction and all the subcontractors.

Our goal is to bring ideas to life and there is no shortage these days given that we can now see tons of ideas and makeovers all over Pinterest and other Social platforms. There are so many great ideas our there that can enhance your greatest investment –  Real Estate – typically your HOME. We strive to make homes welcoming  – a place of comfort, safety and self-expression. We are guided by  YOUR lifestyles, YOUR tastes, as well as YOUR diverse experiences and budget to pull all the elements together. Whether it’s a single room or the whole house, our job is to assist our clients to showcase who they are, and what holds meaning to them in their furnishings and décor. We guide the process of remodeling, rearranging and reorganizing spaces so that daily needs and functionality is considered in the selection of “finishing touches”. We can do as little or as much as you want. If you budget only allows for one room at a time, that’s fine.

We also offer Home Staging – Occupied or Vacant – to help rework and update client spaces with your own furnishings or starting fresh with an empty space. Vacant staging is typically part of the real estate sales/leasing process. We are Certified ASP® Accredited Staging Professionals.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your next project.

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About The Designer

Julia founded Pizazzi Designs in the late 90’s as a side business, while still working in Silicon Valley in Hi Tech. She began working full time in Real Estate and Design in 2002 and established her business in The Woodlands, Texas in 2007 and continues to run a flourishing business today. She holds degrees in Social Science/Education and Interior Design as well as Credentials in Corporate Community Relations and is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP)®. She is originally from Southern California but has resided most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area and Texas.


Have FUN guiding you through the design process

Channel our creativity to come up with design ideas

Design your interior to reflect YOUR lifestyle

Listen to you and come up with concepts accordingly

Strive to get the most value for YOUR budget

Select products for their aesthetics, appropriateness, and environmental impact

Recommend reputable and responsible contractors to install our designs

Manage your project with professionalism and integrity

Guard your privacy and protect your personal space

Communicate updates using the method you prefer

Be honest with you during the process

Do the best job we can so you will refer us to friends!