Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for custom window treatments?

It depends on the product. Items with fabric (drapes, bedding, pillows) take approximately 4-6 weeks and blinds and shutters vary by manufacturer from 5-8 weeks.

Is there a charge to come out to my home?

In this area, most designers DO charge a fee to come out and take a look at your project and measure as it takes time to travel and walkthrough your home. Our initial design consultation and measuring fee is $125. If we do contract for the job, we can discuss the fee. Like any professional, our expertise and time is valuable and that is how we earn our living. That said, Don’t let “the fee” stop you from reaching out to us to discuss your project. We are very open to discuss. It’s better to get the advice from a design professional than make costly design “mistakes” with your project on your own or with a “free consultant” at the big box store that may not have your best interests in mind.

Are custom Window Treatments Expensive?

We are price competitive since we sell directly to the consumer. However, if you are comparing custom to “ready-made” that you purchase at big box stores we will be more expensive. Most “ready-made” do not fit our Texas size homes (too short) and the selection is limited as well as the hardware you can use. We like to call ourselves the “Value Added Decorators” so we try our best to accommodate all price points. The Fabric is typically the most expensive part of the custom solution. Our goal is to stretch your dollars and be able to do several rooms for you, rather than charge “Beverly Hills” prices thus limiting your budget to decorating only one room.

What Window Covering manufacturers do you carry?

For Hard Treatments (Shutters, Blinds and Shades) we use: Hunter Douglas, Sunland Shutters, Norman Shutters, Alta Blinds, Lafayette, Horizon and dozens more….depending on the scope of the project and the budget, we have choices at all price points.

How do I take my measurements?

It’s our preference that in order for your project to fit and look right, we come and take our own measurements.

Do you do repairs?

YES and NO. It really depends. A lot of wood blinds tend to wear out over time with the strings, some can be repaired and some can’t depending on the style. If blinds and shutters are damaged by pets they can sometimes be repaired. Valances and Cornices can sometimes be reworked for your new home. Same with Drapery. We can hem and in some cases re-pleat drapes for a new space. Keep in mind though, that a lot of times its less expensive to just start over with drapery…With Hardware, parts can break and sometimes its an easy fix to repair – again, just ask and we can take a look or send us a picture and let you know our thoughts.

How much does it cost to stage my home?

Pricing for staging services vary depending on the size of the home and scope of work (i.e. lots of clutter and shelf work will take longer to organize/pack). If we are doing a Home Consultation and giving the homeowner the “To DO” list that is a set fee and based on square footage and starts at $150. If we are doing an “Occupied Stage to Sell” pricing is based on square footage and time spent. For a “Vacant Staging” where we need to bring in furnishings we will provide a custom quote and the minimum rental time is 60 days.

Where do you get your furniture & accessories?

As Design Professionals, we have access to resources that are only available “TO THE TRADE”. We travel to various “Furniture and Home Décor Markets” around the country during the year to stay abreast of current trends, colors & styles. The quality and styling is typically higher grade than what you can find at your local “discount” retailer or online. There is also the “unique” factor as not everyone will have what your designer finds for you at Market. Depending on the situation we may also contract to have furniture, rugs, art etc. custom made. We also have favorite haunts and sources that we have found over the years. With accessories, many times we can repurpose something you already have and give it a fresh look that’s right in style!

Where do I get the fabric?

We help you find fabrics by providing samples as we have access to many high quality suppliers at all price points. For Furniture, Home Décor, Fabrics and Hardware some of our favorites are: Robert Allen, Stout, Fabricut, Trend, Schumacher, Kravet, Vermain, Kasmir, RM Coco, JF Fabrics, Carole Fabrics, Magnolia Fabrics, Kirsch, Select, The Finial Company, Paris Hardware and many more.

Can I use my own fabric?

YES, of course, if you have something in mind or yardage you have purchased lets use it.  Some places only let you choose from their fabrics. NOT us!

Can I install my own window treatments?

Sure. However, we will not be responsible for any mistakes or the aesthetics, if the product is not installed to the designers plan. Also, many hardware manufacturers will not honor their warranty if the products are not installed by a certified professional. It’s better for us to do it!

Do you offer discounts?

We offer very fair pricing to begin with as we sell direct to you. Our quoting method is such that we are upfront with costs of all line items so that we can adjust the quote to fit the budget as needed. We do not use a “one price” system that many contractors & design professions use where they just give you one BIG number…You can choose to do one room at a time if that’s what fits your budget. there is no time frame and we are here to add beauty to your home even it it takes a while. We have customers for years! We try to pass on good deals to our customers when we can from our suppliers.

Are there any questions we can answer for you?